Value of Money

Cost of money

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Value of Money
Value Of money

Long ago, there was a rich moneylender named Gopal Prasad in a city. He had two children, one son and daughter. The moneylender's daughter was bigger than his son. There were all the sacraments of a good girl inside her, but her son got spoiled by keeping her in bad company. He used to put his father's money in his wrong way with his friends.

Gopal Prasad thought that maybe he is still small, he does not have the wrong understanding, but with the time he will improve as soon as he grows. Time passed, and they got married to their daughter. His daughter was happy in her in-laws' house. Now his son had grown too, but the bad habit of wasting money with his friends was never lost. Loved love of childhood now has completely spoiled her.

Gopal Prasad was very worried about seeing his son's hard-earned money being ruined. Now he thought of improving his son in the mind.

The next day, Gopal Prasad called his son to him and said, "Now you have grown, so now you have to earn a rupee every day. If you earn a rupee then you will be given food in the evening. "

The son came to hear the father's voice. Seeing his son crying, his mother's heart melted, and they gave him a rupee stolen. In the evening, after asking the Father what is the earning, he showed a rupee given to the mother. After seeing the rupee, Gopal Prasad told his son, "Go and throw this rupee in a well near the house." After hearing the father, he went to the Rupee without saying anything and throwing it in the well near the house. Gopal Prasad was somewhat indeciphered by this, seeing Gopal Prasad something unusual He sent his wife for a few days. On the second day, the same day, he had his own sister who had come home from his in-laws, demanded the money from him and showed his father, and put them in the well near the house without any hesitation. Now Gopal Prasad felt something strange, he sent his daughter to his in-laws.

Raju was very upset the next day, because there was no one to help him today. She was worried about the evening meal. He tried very hard to ask for money from his friends but none of his friends helped him.

Raju started searching for some work in the heat out of the house. After a while he found a job to carry him. He took charge for three four hours and then found a rupee. In the evening, he went home to be wet with sweat. As soon as he went home, his father asked him, "earn a rupee today."

He pulled a rupee out of his pocket and moved towards his father. Gopal Prasad asked the rupee to return the son and throw him again in the well near the house.

On throwing the rupee he said, "Father, I can not throw this money. You do not know how much I sweat today to earn this one rupee. "

Gopal Prasad summoned him to such a promise of his son, and said, "Son, you too put the earning of my hard work in such a wasteful work. Today, in the way you have made a rupee by sheding your sweat, I earn money for myself and family by shedding my sweat every day. Imagine how sad I would be seeing the loss of my hard earned money. "

He was very sad to hear the father's statement, and he promised his father not to put money in the void. Gopal Prasad was very happy that his son has now come to know the value of hard work.
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