The cracked pot

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The cracked pot
The cracked pot
 A water carrier in China had two huge pots, each held tight the closures of a shaft which he conveyed over his neck. One of the pots had a split in it, while the other pot was impeccable and dependably conveyed a full bit of water. Toward the finish of the long stroll from the stream to the house, the split pot arrived just half full.

For an entire two years this went on day by day, with the conveyor conveying just a single and a half pots brimming with water to his home. Obviously, the ideal pot was pleased with its achievements, ideal for which it was made. In any case, the poor broke pot was embarrassed about its own particular blemish, and hopeless that it could achieve just 50% of what it had been made to do.

Following two long stretches of what it saw to be an intense disappointment, it addressed the water carrier multi day by the stream. "I am embarrassed about myself, since this split in my side makes water spill out the distance back to your home."

The conveyor said to the pot, "Did you see that there were blossoms just on your side of the way, yet not on the other pot's side? That is on account of I have constantly thought about your imperfection, and I planted blossom seeds on your side of the way, and consistently while we stroll back, you've watered them. For a long time I have possessed the capacity to pick these excellent blooms to finish the table. Without you being only the manner in which you are, there would not be this excellence to elegance the house."
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