Never Lose Your FATHER Again

Never lose your old Father. This is the story about the father and his son.So without wasting time let's get started....
Never Lose Your FATHER Again
Never lose Your father again

an old man in a village lived with her son and daughter. Family was the happy had no trouble of any kind. Old father who was nice enough young man some time was lost to aging today, go chasing require staff time was faltering, the face had already filled with wrinkles was just spend my life in some way. 

The house was a good thing that the evening meal the whole family eat sitting at the table together. A day like that evening when many people sat eating. Son sat eating from office came early so had more hunger and began to eat multi and a son. Were old hands such as plate lifting the plate by hand stays were short pulses on the table fall. 

Multi son took his dinner at the father hated vision and then. Old father as soon as they started eating food from your shaky hands to eat clothes ever pay falls ever on the ground. 

Multi fretfully said - Hey Ram recommend how to eat like a dirty mind installed their plate in a different corner, son agree spoke of wife, nodded a head. Son, it was all like innocence. 

The next day, father's plate was installed in a corner away from the table. Given a father Dbdbati eyes all that was was not saying anything. Began to eat like an old father day, food ever here falls ever there. Tot leave his food was constantly looking at his grandfather. Mom asked what son you are what you are looking at the grandfather and food do not eat. Child innocently spoken - mother, I am learning that should treat the elderly, when I grow up and you'll get those old I'd fed you in the corner. 

Hear it from the child's mouth only son and daughter were both shaking maybe baby thing was to sit in his mind, since the child to raise a lot of innocence lesson was given to two people. Son quickly raised farther father and sit back to the table for dinner and multi-part be the glass of water is not a problem to come to Papa.

So here's the moral about Never Lose Your FATHER Again. A moral about life and the love of family. After reading this story you will easily know that the father and mother is the main pillers of you have to accept and respect them. A person who read this story carefully know that the Never Lose Your FATHER Again.

So this is all about today's Story. I hope you will understand the real moral of the story. The title Never Lose Your FATHER Again is inspired by A true story. Because Life never gives the second chance.

All the best!
Thanks for reading.
Title:- Never Lose Your FATHER Again

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