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Sun set

God Buddha was preaching in a village. He said that "Everyone should be tolerant and forgiving like earth mother. Anger is a fire in which the angry person will burn others and also burn themselves. "

In the gathering all the peace was sounding Buddha's voice, but by nature there was also an antitrust person who had all these things seem absurd. He kept on listening to all this for some time, and suddenly he started fluttering and said, "You are hypocritical. It's your job to do great things. is. You are confusing people Your words do not matter in today's time.

Buddha remained calm even after hearing such bitter words. Neither did he grieve, neither did he respond to his words; Seeing this, the person became even more angry and he spit on the Buddha's face and walked away from there.

The next day when the anger of that person was calm, he started burning in the fire due to his bad behavior and he reached the place looking for them, but where Buddha met, he had left another village near his disciples. .

The person went to the Buddha asking and asking people - Finding where Buddha was giving the discourses. Seeing them, he fell down in his steps and said, "Lord, forgive me!"

Buddha asked: Who are you brothers? what happened to you ? Why are you asking for forgiveness? "

She said: "Did you forget. .. I am the one who had behaved badly with you yesterday. I am ashamed. I have come to apologize for my evil conduct. "

Lord Buddha said lovingly: "Yesterday I left him and came and you are still holding him there. You got the impression of your mistake; you have repented; You have become clean; Now you enter today. Keeping in mind the bad words and bad events, both the present and the future are deteriorating. Do not waste today due to yesterday's tomorrow. "

All the burden of that person has fallen. He fell at the feet of Lord Buddha and renounced anger and resolved for forgiveness; Buddha put his blessing on his mind. From that day there was a change in him, and the stream of truth, love and compassion flowed in his life.

Friends, many times we are often sad about thinking about any mistake made in the past and we bash themselves. We should never do such a thing, when we realize the mistake, we should take a resolve to never repeat it and strengthen the present with a new energy.
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